Josh Martinez

August 6, 2020

The Next Possible $20,000 NASDAQ Trade Opportunity

The NASDAQ 100 just closed above resistance on the monthly time frame… Why is that so important? Well, it means there’s a potential channel shift coming […]
August 4, 2020

Traders Are Greedy! The Psychology Behind Trading

Feel free to call me out if I’m wrong, but chances are that you became a trader for the money. Am I right? The psychology behind […]
August 2, 2020

How to Lose a Trade

Ever wonder if you’re losing your trades properly?  Weird question, right?  Believe it or not, there’s actually a right way to lose a trade.  Recently, I […]
July 30, 2020

Will the NASDAQ Move 10,000 Ticks?

Well, there’s no denying it… the NASDAQ has had steady market growth over the past couple of weeks. As you know, the market moves in waves; […]
July 28, 2020

How to Bounce Back From a Losing Trading Day

After a  day in the red, traders are usually gun shy… electing not to enter into positions that they normally would have… The biggest hurdle is […]
July 26, 2020

What to Do After Starting a Demo Paper Trading Account

So, you took the plunge and started a paper trading demo account…. Congrats on taking the first step into the exciting world of trading! Not a […]
July 23, 2020

Whatever Happened to Crude Oil?

Where has crude oil gone? Has it recovered? Is the bull finally on the run?  For some reason this week, my eyes keep wandering toward oil […]
July 21, 2020

Ultimate Guide to the Differences Between Stocks, Futures, and Options Trading

So, let’s say you’re brand new to all the stock market nonsense and you’re trying to figure out what the heck all this stuff means. You […]
July 19, 2020

How to Make $1,000 a Month Trading the Markets

Hey, everybody! With so much time on my hands thanks to America’s little staycation, I’ve found myself surfing through my video library, and I’ve come across […]